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Frequently Asked Questions
Дата: Понедельник, 23.07.2018, 22:26 | Сообщение # 1
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Frequently Asked Questions
-updated for ZP 5.0 (2018/07/23)

Please take a look at this FAQ before asking for support. Chances are your question has already been answered here. Using the forum's search feature might also help.

FAQ: Customization

Where can I find a list of all the CVARs?
Look into the zombieplague.cfg file located in the amxmodx/configs folder. Any changes you make to it will be automatically loaded at map start.

How can I change health, speed and models for zombies?
There's a special file for this named zp_zombieclasses.ini in which you can edit the attributes of all your installed zombie classes. When you download a custom class, it will be automatically added there once you use it for the first time.

How can I change health, speed and models for humans?
There's also a zp_humanclasses.ini file which lets you modify these. It works just like the zombie classes one.

How can I change names and costs for custom extra items?
There's also a zp_extraitems.ini file which lets you modify these. It works just like the zombie classes one.

Is there any other stuff to edit?
There is a last file for customization named zombieplague.ini where you can change models, sounds, ambient effects, and much more. Read on for details on this.

How can I change player models?
Look for the model lists and add your ones in there. For instance, if you want Nemesis to randomly use the models "nem1", "nem2", and "nem3" you have to type:
[Player Models]NEMESIS = nem1 , nem2 , nem3
Where do I place my custom player models?
They have to follow the pattern: cstrike/models/player/[modelname]/[modelname].mdl
A valid example for "nem1" would be: cstrike/models/player/nem1/nem1.mdl

What about sounds?
They are edited in the same way as models. Remember to place commas between your different sounds.
[Sounds]THUNDER = zombie_plague/thunder2.wav , ambience/thunderclap.wav
How can I enable Fog/Rain/Snow?
Go to the weather effects line and set them to 1 (enabled). Example with fog and rain:
[Weather Effects]RAIN = 1
SNOW = 0
FOG = 1
The default fog is boring, can I change it in some way?
You can edit these lines just below. Color's format is RRR GGG BBB (red, green, blue).
FOG DENSITY = 0.001FOG COLOR = 100 150 100
How can I change admin access flags?
Change these here. AMXX's cmdaccess.ini no longer has any effect on this.
[Access Flags]ENABLE/DISABLE MOD = l
How can I get some background sounds/music to play during the game?
Add your sounds to the list and they'll be randomly looped during the game. Keep in mind to set their correct duration so they won't overlap each other.
SOUNDS (Nemesis Mode) = zombie_plague/ambience4.wav , zombie_plague/ambience_nemesis.mp3DURATIONS (Nemesis Mode) = 17 , 180
How can I add/remove weapons to the buy menus?
You'll need to type in the item names, which you can find here: CS Weapons Info.
[Buy Menu Weapons]PRIMARY = weapon_m4a1 , weapon_ak47 , weapon_awp , weapon_mp5navy
SECONDARY = weapon_deagle , weapon_fiveseven
What if I want a weapon to be bought with ammo packs instead?
Add it to this list. Make sure to set its caption and item name correctly.
[Extra Items: Weapons and their costs]NAMES = Napalm Nade , Leone 12 Gauge Super
ITEMS = weapon_hegrenade , weapon_m3
Infection bombs are way too expensive
And overpowered as well. You can change the hard coded extra items costs in zp_extraitems.ini.

How can I get multiple random zombie models for a class?
Open your zp_zombieclasses.ini and add your models to the MODELS line like this:
[Classic Zombie]NAME = Default Zombie
INFO = -Noobs only-
MODELS = zombie_classic1 , zombie_classic2 , zombie_classic3

FAQ: Gameplay

Can I use bots along with this mod?
Bot support is included. However, some of them may have problems telling apart zombies and humans. Currently, the following bots are known to be 100% compatible with the plugin: PODBot MM V3B19k+ (and later), Condition Zero bots (i.e. the ones bundled with the game).

How can I turn the mod on/off?
You will need to rename the plugin .ini files located in the configs directory, e.g. plugins-zp50_ammopacks.ini to disabled-zp50_ammopacks.ini.

When I try to use some admin commands I get " [ZP]Unavailable command"
You cannot turn the last human into a zombie and viceversa.

How come I can't see cars or any other vehicles?
The reason vehicles are removed by default is because people would usually complain about team killing, and they can ruin the gameplay on otherwise nice maps like nth_lets_take_mothers_tank.
To enable them back, look at the zombieplague.ini for this line and remove func_vehicle from the list:
[Objective Entities]GAMEPLAY = func_vehicle , item_longjump
How can I change additional weapon models?
Use a plugin like GHW's Weapon Model Replacement.

How can I set a custom radar sprite to show for players?
By telling them to download it separately. No way to do that with a plugin, sorry.

I've found a bug
Please report it along with a detailed description if possible, and I'll try to get it fixed ASAP.

FAQ: Troubleshooting

The plugin gives a bad load when I type amx_plugins
Make sure your server is running AMX Mod X 1.8.0 or later, and that it's properly installed.

I get the errors: "HudSyncObject -1 is invalid" or "Invalid event (name SpecHealth2)" and my server crashes
It's caused by ZBots which use old modified game binaries (which is illegal). You'll find no support for them here. If you still want to use bots, uninstall ZBot and get a metamod one like PODBot MM.

The plugin doesn't work properly and I'm seeing a lot of weird things
You're probably using an outdated non-steam/cracked version of the game. You'll find no support on this forums.

My server crashes when I use this mod
Try disabling all 3rd party plugins and using the default settings. If the problem persists, please post with details like: server specs, when does it happen, any error logs, etc.

I've edited something from the customization files and now my server crashes every time I try to start it up, what's going on?
This usually happens when there's a resource (such as model, sound, etc.) your sever can't find. More often than not this is caused by a typo, though it might also happen that you copied/uploaded the model onto the wrong folder.

I'm getting a lot of SVC_BAD kicks, is there anything I can do?
Try playing around with these, located near the end of zombieplague.ini:
[SVC_BAD Prevention] (if you experience *many* SVC_BAD kicks, try one of the following); A. Increase delay between model changes here (in 0.1 increments until the kicks are gone)
; B. If kicks are happenning at round start, increase this instead
I'm getting 100% CPU usage and lag on my server
If you enabled this setting, set it back to the default disabled state:
; If you want your models to use custom hitboxes, try enabling this.; Note: make sure your models have the right hitboxes for CS to use,
; otherwise this setting might cause your server insane cpu usage and lag!
I'm trying to compile a sub-plugin but I keep getting "fatal error 100: cannot read from file: zombieplague"
You're missing the zombieplague.inc file. You can get it by downloading the latest release of ZP. It should be placed into your amxmodx/scripting/includefolder.

I get a somewhat higher bandwidth usage with this mod, why's that?
Features like custom nightvision, custom flashlight, Nemesis aura, napalm's fire, and zombie bleeding need additional data to be sent to players. Unlimited clip ammo can also be a factor, especially when lots of shooting is going on. To save bandwidth, you can disable some (or all) of them by editing their CVARs.

Is there any other way to reduce bandwidth usage, without having to disable those features?
You can always try lowering your server's update rate (sv_maxupdaterate). This won't have such a noticeable impact on gameplay (like it would in CS), since Zombie-Mods don't need extremely precise shot registration, etc.
For even less bandwidth usage you can also lower tickrate (sys_ticrate). Keep in mind though: the lower the value, the less responsive the game is going to feel.

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